Domingo Pino

Domingo Pino



Master's in Artistic Teaching

University of Castilla-La Mancha

2011 - 2012
Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts

University of Castilla-La Mancha

2005 - 2011
Artistic Baccalauréat

Art High School 2

2002 - 2004


Domingo Pino

Visual Artist


Born in 1985 in Madrid, Spain. I enjoy working in different styles and disciplines, both plastic and digital: mainly painting, video, sculpture, illustration and assembly.

Although not all my works are focused on a common topic, in most of them is the idea of representing different aspects of my perceived reality. My style is quite diverse by the wide spectrum of my interests and inspirations.

Work Experience

Handplayed/Jellysmack - Video Editor (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) 2021-Ongoing
  • Video editing + Management processes for audiovisual contents
Freelance - Visual arts (Spain/Bulgaria) 2017-2021
  • Illustration, design and audiovisual works
  • Creation of an art platform + Online drawing courses
Youth Council of Spain - Multimedia Creation (Madrid, Spain) 2015-2016
  • Multimedia and audiovisual projects
  • Illustration and graphic design works
Contemporary Art Center "Razlichniat Pogled" - EVS (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria)2014-2015
  • Organization and management of cultural events.
  • Visual arts and graphic design works.
Center of Polish Scenography, Silesian Museum - Leonardo da Vinci (Katowice, Poland)2012-2013
  • Graphic Design and Audiovisual works.
  • Cooperation in organizing cultural events.
MIDE-CIANT - International Museum of Electrography (Cuenca, Spain) 2011
  • Graphic Design works + Management of the audiovisual funds.

Art Residencies

  • Tartu, Estonia
    "TAiR's - Printing Museum". Painting.
    October-December 2018
  • Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria
    "The Old School". Assembly/Audiovisual.
    August 2015 & 2017
  • Žeimiai, Lithuania
    "Residency O-Yo". Painting/Reliefs.
    August-September 2014
  • Mecklemburg, Germany
    "Mecklenburg inspiriert". Painting.
    November-December 2013
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
    "Metelkova Mesto". Urban Art.
    April-May 2013
  • Goricko, Slovenia
    "Art Center". Painting and Assembly.
    July-August 2011


"Visiones" - Centro Cultural Quinta del Berro (Madrid, Spain) 2022
Painting. Solo exhibition.
"Pintura en el CBA" - Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain) 2019
Painting. Group Exhibition.
"Before the absence" - TYPA Printing and Paper Art Centre (Tartu, Estonia) 2018/2019
Painting. Solo exhibition.
"The Road as a Ritual" - The Old School (Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria) 2017
Audiovisual and Urban Intervention. Group exhibition.
"Ritual Art: Time and Space". - Traveling exhibition around different showrooms (Bulgaria) 2015
Mixed Media. Group exhibition.
"Cities in need of love" - Water Tower Art Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2015
Video-installation. Contemporary Art Festival.
"Povas Prie Dvaro" - Manor house (Žeimiai, Lithuania) 2014
Painting and Relief. Group exhibition.
"Temporary protected spaces" - Water Tower Art Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2014
Painting. Contemporary Art Festival.
"Mecklenburg Inspiriert" - Polar Stern Showroom (Kühlungsborn, Germany) 2013
Several Techniques. Group Exhibition.
"Worldly affairs" - Jalla Jalla - Cultural Center Metelkova Mesto (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 2013
Illustration. Solo exhibition.
"Hanging art" - Café de la Comedia (Cuenca, Spain) 2012
Several techniques. Group exhibition.
"Fernando Zobel Certamen de Artes Plasticas" - CCM Showroom (Cuenca, Spain) 2011
Several techniques. Group exhibition.
"El Video en el Aula" - Cajasol Showroom (Seville, Spain) 2011
Audiovisual projections. Video Festival.
"Art in La Villa" - CSOA La Villa Kunterbunt (Cuenca, Spain) 2010
Mixed media. Group Exhibition.
"Buenarte" - Buenache de la Sierra (Cuenca, Spain) 2010
Several techniques. Contemporary Art Festival.
"Extracts from the reality" - Fine Arts Faculty Showroom (Cuenca, Spain) 2010
Painting, assembly and audiovisual. Solo exhibition.
"Latvijas Makslas Akademija Studiju" - Skrivery House of Culture (Skriveri, Latvia) 2008
Drawing and painting. Group exhibition.
"Zupa" - Art Academy of Latvia (Riga, Latvia) 2008
Painting. Group exhibition.